Best Japanese Pull Saw Brand in 2021 (TOP 5) – Complete Guide

Either you are a novice in woodworking or skilled craftsmanship, there is an unspoken rule, or some say, knowledge, that the best Japanese pull saw brand is usually more flexible and more effective than other regular products.

Why are the Japanese pull saws?

Some of you may wonder, as everyone knows, along with the Germans, the Japanese are soon identified as the best craftsmanship on this planet Earth with hundreds of years making hand tools.

Most people are used to working with European hand tools, which cut the wood via pushing.

They’re called “push saws”. On the other hand, the Japanese pull saw brand made their products cut the wood via pulling, that’s why they’re called ‘’pull saw”.

In comparison, these models bring less weight, requiring less power to operate and resulting clear edge.

Since there are lots of brands being introduced and claimed to be the best manufacturer on the market, confusion about which one to use is totally understandable.

In order to solve that question, here is a list of the most trustworthy brands that are easy to be found on the market at reasonable prices along with the most reliable product guides.

The first thing comes first, let’s take a quick look at the high recommended Kotatsu tables with actual ratings from Amazon.

The Top-Rated Japanese Pull Saw Brands (Recommendation)







Noticeable Basic Information About Japanese pull saw brand

All manufacturers designed their products to be a woodworker’s best friend.

Also, there are different Japanese style saws of the hand tool and they each have their own advantages in various applications.

As mentioned, a skilled craftsman in native culture is the one who always avoids metal nails and screws, building almost entirely from joint work.

This process requires the craftsman to have to choose the right material and the right tool.


In the Japanese language, the word “ryoba’’ means double-edged. These classifications are designed with cutting teeth on both of its sides.

One side is filed for crosscutting and the other side allows the user to use it in rip cutting.

However, some manufacturers have come up with variations with the Ryoba, where one side can deal with softwoods, and the other side can deal with hardwoods.


Unlike Ryoba, Kataba means ‘’single-edge’’ in the native language, which means these types have only one set of cutting teeth on just one side, obviously.

The Kataba is commonly used for general wood cutting purposes for its thick blade.

The ripping version may include a set of smaller starting teeth at the rear and larger teeth towards the tip of the blade allowing for faster cuts in variations.


The Dozuki is basically a handsaw in a kataba style with a few differences in its design.

They have a stiff spine, which allows you to have an accurate, excellent, deep cut.

The Dozuki is a type of product that has the ability to balance all of its purposes, appearing in its widely recognized as the most useful hand tool.

Best Japanese Pull Saws Shortlist (Updated List)

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The Best Japanese Pull Saw Brand

1. Suizan

Being a famous hand tool brand, which is said to be the most reliable brand, with 100 years of history in making hand tools, hand saws explicitly.

And all of their processes are completed in one of Japan’s towns known for their craftsmanship: Sanjō in Niigata prefecture.

Their products are highly appreciated and recommended by many woodworkers is totally understandable.



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As mentioned, many of the best products are made by native craftsmen, which means they’re all made with top quality steel, which is always known for its quality in many industries. It’s not all yet.

Suizan – known as the most trustworthy brand also pleases its purchasers with the 7 inches crosscutting long and 0.008-inch thick blade which has 30 teeth per inch (TPI), promising to deliver the smoothest and accurate cuts you will ever experience.

Along with the replaceable blade, the handle will make you forget holding it because of its lightweight. This experience is just a pure enjoyment based on purchased users.

In addition, This brand does not forget to offer its customers a pair of replacement blades for this saw, which is not usually findable on other products.

This is actually a good thing because being a product of the best Japanese pull saw brand, this product does not come cheap.

So if the blade wears down, you can easily replace it without needing to buy a whole new saw, it’s great, isn’t it?


  • Very thin blade
  • Lightweight
  • Sharp blade
  • Saw replacement blade available.


  • Expensive

Being made with high-quality steel by one of the best hand tool brands, this product obviously has a higher price than other neutral saws, so some may consider this is a disadvantage compared to its opponents.

But still, this is a valuable piece of wood cutting tool whether you are new in woodworking or you have already mastered it.


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This Japanese pull saw dovetail is made for both softwood and hardwood. You can use it for cutting tiger maple, teak, and even driftwoods, which is known for its difficulty.

It’s made of excellent quality Swedish steel, which balances all durability, accuracy, and efficiency.

Just like the Flush Cut 7, Suizan also offers its customers an affordable replacement blade, which means this product has a replaceable blade.

The great thing about this pull saw is that the manufacturer uses steel, which is not getting rust over time.

Being known as the best budget Japanese pull saw, this pull saw does come with a few shortcomings, the easiest thing to be noticed is the blade does not come with its blade protector, but a zip bag is included.

But still, if you are looking for an affordable set from one of the most reliable manufacturers, this is one of the best choices you will ever have.


  • Replacement blade available
  • Sharp blade
  • The spine gives extra durability


  • Does not come with a blade protector

2. Gyokucho

For acknowledging, Gyokucho is mentioned as the brand that invented the replaceable saw since the 1970s and the first brand that offers the Japanese pull saw kit.

And still leads the pull saw industry in terms of quality and innovation.

Gyokucho gave their blades a special surface treatment called electroless nickel plating.

The plating produces a very smooth surface that allows it to resist corrosion and the adhesion of tree resins, providing a reflective surface that can be used to accurately align the cut.


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This brand is always known as one of the most trustworthy brands/an excellent choice for crosscutting large pieces of lumber or performing actual detailed work for its 9.4-inch blade with 1.7mm teeth pitch.

The teeth are also hardened by a highly developed version of impulse hardening – only the very tip of the tooth is exposed to precisely 27.12MHz for between 3 and 5 milliseconds, resulting in improved sharpness and accuracy.

The handle of this product has a traditional rattan wrapping, which gives the woodworker an improved grip and more comfortable when working with it.

The point must be said.

It is not usually seen on other products on the market.

One more impressive thing about this item is the blade, which allows its user to replace it easily because like every other product, this one does not come at a low price.

According to the purchased users, the blade would last for 3 or 4 years when being used properly. Totally deserve to be one of the best Japanese saw brands.


  • Very lightweight
  • Replacement blade available
  • Easy to handle
  • Impulse-hardened teeth


  • Difficult to perform straight cuts
  • May not fit to cut hardwoods


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This item is just like having two saws in one tool, which means this saw has two different blades on each side, with one suitable for more delicate cuts or cross-cutting work, and the other side is made for rip cuts.

The unique thing about this saw is the handle.

It allows you to tilt concerning the blade, which means you can easily access areas that would typically be difficult to reach.

Many woodworkers considered this a great feature and found it extremely useful, this is not often to be seen on other saws.

According to purchased users, the replacement blade is found a little bit more flexible than expected, which might be a hindrance for projects that require really straight and deep cuts.


  • Easy to fit into work bags
  • Saw replacement blade available
  • Easily to cut hardwoods and softwoods


  • Difficult to perform straight cuts
  • The blade sometimes get loose, based on purchased users

3. Dozuki


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If you are looking for an affordable toolset on the market, this will be one of the most trustworthy ones you will probably find.

Claimed to be the best selling pull saw in Japan, no one is going to argue about this.

This product has the ability to balance all of its advantages.

This manufacturer did a great job by giving its customers a high carbon steel blade with 26 teeth per inch and only 0.012 inches of thickness.

The replacement blade is promised to excel at crosscutting with its sharpness but still has enough flexibility to aid in cutting without the risk of bending off the line.

In fact, it’s when cutting dovetails that most woodworkers, novices, or even mastered woodworkers really fall in love with their hand tools.

The handle is made of wood and covered by a bamboo strap, promising to give you the best gripping experience.

And with the blade attached, the weight is just outstanding, 0.45 ounces.

Overall, this item quality is just excellent for everyone, and it totally deserves to be one of the most trustworthy brands on the market.


  • Very lightweight
  • The spine gives extra durability
  • Replacement blade available


  • Expensive
  • Challenging to make blind cuts, based on purchased users

How To Choose The Best Japanese Pull Saw Brand

It is as certain to choose yourself a proper hand tool as woodworking processes.

Getting the wrong one may cause you lots of trouble while working and countless money losses.

Here is something you must notice when getting an item that suits all your needs.


As mentioned before, there are various types of these products, having the right one means you will have a more comfortable woodworking process.

Dozuki is perfect if you want an accurate, excellent, deep cut.

If you want a traditional one with a thick blade for general wood cutting purposes, a Kataba will please all your needs finely.

On the other hand, if you are not a fan of single-edged saws, the Ryoba would fit perfectly with its two cutting teeth on both of its sides.

One side is filed for crosscutting and the other side allows the user to use it in rip cutting.

Saw Teeth

On every handsaw, despite origin, the teeth are made either to cut with the grain or across it.

The rip teeth on both Western and Eastern are similar, fat triangles with chisel-edge tips.

Japanese pull saws teeth, on the other hand, are long and narrow.

Each one slices through wood fibers with three razor-sharp edges.

You can easily sharpen a Western saw, but taking a file to Eastern crosscut teeth requires certain skills and patience.

If you’re lacking any of these, just replace your blade when it gets dull with a replacement blade.

Commonly Asked Questions About Japanese Pull Saws

It is challenging to choose the best product because it depends on the craftsman who intends to use it.

Choosing the right one can make the work more comfortable, more relaxed, and more joyful.

1. What’s The Difference Between Japanese Style Pull Saw and Western Saw?

The most noticeable thing between these two types of tools is their handle.

Pull saws tend to have a more extended handle, and some most trustworthy brands manufacture them with wrappers, which results in comfortable gripping.

On the other hand, western hand tools usually have a short handle, attached to its long blade.

2. How To Use A Japanese Style Pull Saw Correctly?

Unlike other traditional Western blades, the Japanese blades are made with opposite angled direction teeth, which means the cutting action happens when you pull the tool towards your side instead of pushing it like the others.

3. Do Professionals Use The Best Japanese Pull Saw Brand?

Most of the Eastern brands defined themself to be affordable “pro-featured” hand tools, they target their products to many types of customers like DIYers, carpenters, homeowners, or even enthusiast users.

Since doing that, most of the professional carpenters and woodworkers on youtube used and featured these types of products regularly.

4. Can Japanese Pull Saws Blades Be Sharpened?

Sharpening your blades would save you money in the long run because you’ll get better cuts, and you’ll have to replace your blades less often.

Some have impulse-hardened teeth, where a high-frequency heating technique hardens the teeth but not apply for the rest of the blade.

Some of the manufacturers do not sharpen their products, which means you can sharpen it yourself, using a specialty tool called a feather file, which comes in several sizes for different tooth counts.

5. Can Japanese Pull Saws Be Used for Joinery?

It is possible to use them for joinery, but not specialized in this using purpose, even with the best product, this process requires lots of skills and practice.


Choosing the right tool was never an easy task.

The task even gets more challenging since there are plenty of brands that claim to be the best manufacturer on the market.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a product that excels at everything, you will find the GYOKUCHO DOUBLE-EDGE RAZOR SAW as a perfect one for your needs.

The SUIZAN FLUSH CUT 7, on the other hand, will fit just fine if you’re looking for a product that is balanced at everything and used commonly by other woodworkers.

As many professional woodworkers, selecting the right tool means you already have 40% of the success.

We hope that this writing will help you choose the right Japanese style pull saw and the most reliable manufacturer to befriended with.

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