Best Japanese Umbrella For Rainy Day in 2021

If you are living in Japan or loving Japanese culture, getting a Japanese umbrella to use is a good choice, because normally the best Japanese umbrella is the one that could last longer than any others.

In the rainy season, it is better if you bring an umbrella along, then walking in the rain is no more a problem.

The Top-Rated Japanese Umbrellas (Recommendation)




#4. ENYU 



Tips to Choose The Best Japanese Umbrellas

1. Umbrellas in Japan

The Japanese word for umbrella is Wagasa. It is different from Western umbrellas in some important ways.

The most obvious of these is the counterintuitive decision to make wagasa with paper, a less than water-proof material.

But the paper is coated with oil, armoring them quite nicely against the rain.

Wagasa also opens differently than Western umbrellas.

It has 30-70 bamboo ribs, which expand as the umbrella opens, unfurling the paper (which is stretched to the length of the wide outer ribs) together with it.

Western ones open with the tension of the metal ribs forcing the covering open, and the two are usually only attached at key points.

Through the years, there is an evolution in the Japanese umbrella manufacturers with the main material is varied from traditional oil-paper to plastic to make it more compatible with lots of weather in many places.

It is also a common cultural item of Japanese people’s daily life.

As can be seen in lots of woodblock prints and Japanese umbrellas images: in the hands of actor, geisha, or ordinary townsfolk.

2. Types of umbrella

To find the perfect umbrella for you, you should think about how and where you are going to use it, as well as it size and durable construction.

Rain umbrella:

The classic umbrella is the common one that could be used every day, it includes a metal shaft and a polyester canopy.

It is not so big or the most durable one but is enough to protect you against wet weather.

Secondly, the folding umbrella is very convenient and could be carried around in a handbag, it is suitable if the weather in your place changes frequently.

Thirdly, when you live in frequent heavy rain and strong windy, you should consider a storm umbrella which includes a double layer to avoid blowing upwards during bad weather.

It also has a big canopy which could cover more than one person.

Beach umbrella:

It is a large umbrella that provides a large share and UV protection.

Besides, it is typically used at the beach, around the swimming pool, resorts, or restaurant in Summertime.

It comes in various sizes, the 6-7 ft. one is large enough to accommodate two people,

Also, the fabric of the beach umbrella features UPF protection which measures the amount of radiation from the sun that is absorbed by the fabric.

It normally ranges from 15- 40 and above 40.

The excellent one is an umbrella with at least UPF = 40 or higher.

Size: The size of your umbrella should be suitable for your daily activities.

When you use public transport every day, then a small and compact umbrella might be the best.

Durability: The strength of the umbrella’s canopy is the most important part which reflects the overall performance of the umbrella.

Normally, the heavier and bigger one is considered more durable than light-weight products. However, it is not always true.

Best Japanese Umbrellas Shortlist (Updated List)

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The Best Japanese Umbrellas


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This Samurai umbrella is one of the coolest Japanese umbrellas which is suggestive of a katana – a samurai sword.

It is a brilliant weapon against a rainy day.

Kikkerland is one of the most popular Japanese umbrella brands.

The fabric featuring the family crests of some of Japan’s most prominent samurai warlords.

It has a handy pop-open feature and is designed as a handier shoulder bad.

Many versions of the Samurai Japanese Umbrella have enigmatic canopy styles that only emerge in the shower, while others have a shoulder strap sheath that covers all but the hilt to keep curious audiences confused, so make sure to search for the right umbrella to carry to the watery battlefield.

This large black umbrella is fantastically manly and easy to open by pushing a button that could impress your friends, co-workers, and girlfriends.


  • Attract curious look, outstanding in the crowd.
  • The umbrella is durable and effective
  • A great gift for those who love Japanese culture.


  • The sheath might be loose after longtime use, need to fix it.


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The Carry Umbrella become a popular brand in Japan soon after its launch the new product: the Carry Sakasa umbrella

The unique feature of this umbrella is that it collapses inside out.

It ensures that any droplet which is not already repelled by the protective coating of the umbrella will be kept inside, which makes sure people around you are fully dry while closing the canopy.

However, the product of this brand is only available in amazon japan at the moment. But do not worry, you could buy a similar inverted umbrella with various colors on Amazon US.

The Upsidedown Umbrella with C-shape handle has the same function as the Carry Sakasa Umbrella

It is designed with durability, versatility, and comfort in mind.

This is one of the best Japanese umbrellas that is constructed with premium carbon fiber material which is sturdy, corrosion-resistant, and features a double-layer canopy design to protect against wind and rain.

Moreover, a grip C-Shaped handle allows it to slide over a forearm or wrist so makes it able to attend to what is more important.

The design of the beautiful windproof umbrella is inverted which gives the ability to close from the inside out when opening the door or accesses the lobby room without dripping water after heavy rain.

This  C-shape model prevents getting the car or floor wet, thus keeping it dry and clean.

Noticeably, it has a windproof function that could withstand wind speeds in excess of 60 miles per hour.


  • Unique design which is more comfortable for the user
  • Windproof and weather resistance
  • The wet area folds back inside itself, it stands on its own so the dripping is confined to one small area
  • There is a variety of colors that satisfy your interest.


  • Some user reviews that the tips at the end of the ribs started breaking off; or the umbrella is hard to open completely (half the umbrella open while the other half jammed up).


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If you are looking for the traditional Japanese umbrella which is usually used for Photography Cosplay Costumes or Home Decoration, the Japanese Asian Nylon Umbrella Parasol is good to consider.

It is made of bamboo, wood, and nylon with colorful decorations.

It’s ideal for Asian theme decoration, dancing, and a umbrella wedding.

However, because the main function is to decorate or for photo shooting, it is not recommended for use on rainy days, but could be used for shading the sun.


  • Look nice with flowers decoration, great for photo shooting
  • Cheap price, made of fabric and can last a long time


  • Not waterproof
  • The color might be not the same as the picture
  • The paint is not very careful


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During rainy days, Japan’s Imperial Princess Michiko gracefully enjoys tea parties and political evenings with the aid of her famous umbrella.

Since years, the planet has only been able to enjoy the translucent parasol from afar, but since February 2012, the White Rose Company has made the Imperial Empress Umbrella, called Enyu, available to the public.

Nowadays, when thinking of a Japanese umbrella, many people immediately think about the clear plastic umbrella which is available in the umbrella shop and even an umbrella online shop

Similar to the famous Enyu umbrella, you can easily buy the Tote Women Clear Bubble Umbrella only at affordable prices.

This clear stylish Japanese bubble umbrella features a waterproof clear canopy for maximum rain coverage and see-through visibility.

Its durable construction will protect you from the strong will and heavy rain and keep clothes stay dry.

With the clean totes bubble design, it is a typical Japanese umbrella image also an ideal accessory for a rainy day, wedding, graduation prom.


  • Great look in a picture with a unique design
  • You could watch the rainfall through the umbrella
  • Affordable price


  • Some user feedback that it could be rusted after several uses.


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If you are a fan of anime, owning a Japanese umbrella with your favorite idols and characters on it that could keep you dry on rainy days is amazing and lovely.

It is available to buy online with good price, the Naruto Shippuden – Akatsuki Umbrella features the iconic

Akatsuki print with red clouds on a black background. 

Otherwise, there are many Japanese umbrella arts with Goku symbols, one-piece – Pirate Emblems and Sailor Moon: Sailor Scout for your choice.

It is a semi-automatic umbrella with a wrist strap and carrying pouch, which is perfect for keeping in the car, in the office, or for taking on the go.


  • It opens easily and folds down to convenient travel size, ideal for keeping in the car for that unexpected rainy day
  • The best Japanese umbrellas for comic and anime fan


  • A short handle

Commonly Asked Questions About Japanese Umbrellas

1. What is a Japanese umbrella called?

In Japan, the traditional name of the umbrella is Wagasa.

In contrast with typical Western umbrellas which are mostly made of either cloth or plastic, the traditional Japanese umbrella is surprisingly made from paper.

You might be thinking “how could you possibly make an umbrella out of paper?”, but this is achieved by steeping strong Japanese paper in oil which makes it waterproof.

The best Japanese umbrellas originally are handmade individually one by one from natural elements such as Japanese paper and bamboo.

2. Why do the Japanese use an umbrella?

Parasols are a must-have item to prevent sunburn and UV rays.

Most parasols sold in Japan now are for both sunny and rainy weather (umbrellas with UV protection that can be used on both sunny and rainy days) and there is a wide variety of products and kinds.

The best Japanese UV umbrella is perfect for a sunny day as it makes the user more charming and unique.

3. Is there a difference between a parasol and an umbrella?

The best Japanese umbrellas are traditionally used when protecting oneself from rain, with parasol used when protecting oneself from sunlight, though the terms continue to be used interchangeably.

Often the difference is the material used for the canopy; some parasols are not waterproof.

Besides, it is used as umbrella dance music and decoration.

4. What is the traditional Japanese umbrella used for?

Although the use of Wagasa has declined since the spread of Western umbrellas, they are still used today in the performing arts such as kabuki and dance, traditional ceremonies, and tea ceremonies.

Some famous types include Kyowagasa from Kyoto, Kanazawa Wagasa, and Gifu Wagasa

5. How to make a Japanese umbrella?

The making process of a Japanese umbrella include different main tasks

  • The first step is to build a frame

  • Move the string through the gaps in the ribs until the ribs are properly sorted.

  • Paste the Japanese paper onto the starch frame to match the size of the umbrella.

  • Paste the Japanese paper on both sides and let it dry overnight. To make creases, fold the Japanese page.

  • Attach a patch to the mirror as it starts to feel like a parasol. (Pigments can be used while you  are producing a rough oilpaper umbrella.)

  • To make the parasol fully waterproof, paint it with a plant-derived oil known as linseed oil and allow it to dry under the light.

This takes a week to dry in the summer, and two to three weeks in the winter.

When the drying process is completed, the parasol is complete.

Some parasols are designed to appear elegant with bright strings added inside as decorations.


Japanese umbrellas with creative design and easy to use is worth trying.

If you love Japanese culture, you should add this item to your collections to use daily or to decorate your house.

Besides these factors mentioned above to choose a good umbrella, the best Japanese umbrella for you depend on your personal style and preference.

There are so many colors and pattern with different design could fit your personal style. For example, if you like the business style, then a classic umbrella with a dark color canopy, and a wooden handle is perfect.

Hope you have the best Japanese umbrella for your home!

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