Best Japanese Whetstone Brands in 2022

What do you do when the blades of your knives or tools get dull? You sharpen them on a Japanese whetstone, immediately!

They are famous for their quick-working qualities for every blade.

They have small shreds that do the cutting are loosely bound unitedly in the stone, and throughout the sharpening process, the surface shreds are quickly washed out, releasing fresh and sharp particles to start working on the blade.

Japanese whetstone sharpening comes in various options of grit numbers, the lower numbers meaning a rougher surface, a higher grit number expressing a smoother one.

When sharpening knives or tools, you are suggested to start with the lower grit number and then get to a higher grit number to polish your blades.

Just like mentioned, the benefits of Japanese whetstones are just undeniable, since there are lots of companies claiming to be one of the best Japanese whetstone brands, delivering the best Japanese whetstone, confusion in what to get is understandable.

To assist you in getting the most desirable value Japanese whetstone for your beloved blades, I have done some research independently of the most trustworthy products and the best Japanese whetstone brands in the following writing.

Shall we take a quick look at the highly recommended and noticeable Japanese whetstone for sale based on many standards and aspects to get a wiser view as a customer?

The Top-Rated Japanese Whetstone Brands (Recommendation)







Valuable Information To Get The Best Value Japanese Whetstone

best japanese whetstone

Since there is lots of unauthorized information about equipment that claims to be the most desirable piece of sharpener, either you are paying some attention to it or not. Here is some valuable information that may help you in getting the most suitable item for yourself.

1. Classification

As mentioned before, there are various options of grit numbers, each of them is specialized for a specific period. For example, for a rough sharpening proc – to rub off annoying chips in the edge.

I would recommend using stones with a grain between #120 and #240 in this circumstance.

For a regular sharpening process, stones between #700 and #1200 should be a perfect choice.

To remove the scratches on your blade and polish it up, a stone with #2000 grain or more should be recommended.

The fact is there is no limit for grain above #2000, which gives an unmeasurable practical improvement on the edge.

japanese whetstone set

2. Benefits Of Using The Best Whetstone For a Japanese Knife

The water stone just barely takes enough steel off your blade to sharpen it.

Some other products on the market will take too much steel off the blade unneeded while the Japanese ones don’t.

One more is if you are the kind of person that enjoys playing with water, you will love to play with these, they are water, which means it is not going to be an oily mess in your area.

They can be used for sharpening almost anything with edges such as knives, scissors, razors, or even chisels.

You can polish your blades with one of these too if you have got yourself a proper Japanese whetstone sharpening technique, it’s going to be amazing.

3. How To Use Japanese Whetstone?

japanese whetstone sharpening

As demanded, these water stones require water before sharpening a blade.

In most situations, some best whetstone grit for Japanese knives should be fully sunk in water for about 5-10 minutes or until it stops dropping bubbles, which means every oxygen becomes completely removed from the sharpener.

Other sharpener is just simply “splash and go”, which means only the surface requires moist air. Remember to stay next to the water source as you work on it.

If your knife is surprisingly dull, begin with a rougher grit.

On the other hand, sharp knives that just need a little polishing can go straight to a more powdery grit.

Place the water stone on a trusted non-slip surface with the desired grit size facing up.

Depending on your comfort, the stone can be placed vertically or horizontally.

Holding the handle, place the blade flat against the stone and raise the spine to a slight angle typically, 10-15 degrees for a Japanese blade and 20-30 degrees for a Western blade.

With one hand on the handle and the other hand on top of the blade, move the knife up and down the water stone.

japanese whetstone king

Place your fingers on top of the blade to gently guide the blade down the stone in a steady movement, from the tip to the heel. It’s critical to maintain the same angle, weight, and speed throughout the knife sharpening process.

To check for the edge safely, lightly scan the edge with your finger carefully.

Do not put your finger right on the edge itself if you don’t want to spend your time with a bandaged finger.

If you are using a double-bevel knife, do the same on the other side, if not you can just skip it.

4. Japanese Whetstone Vs Other Whetstones

japanese whetstone

Natural stones like the Japanese ones are admired for their pure beauty and authenticity.

Staying natural, they do vary in consistency and may not offer the same grit throughout the stone.

They are also more expensive than synthetic varieties.

Still, Japanese whetstone naturals are known to produce a distinct finish and are commonly used by those who have some skilled sharpening experience.

On the other hand, artificial whetstones give a constant grit size, made to provide faster, more productive sharpening. These are cheaper and more user-friendly.

Being said, both whetstones regularly need a lubricant like oil or water, these kinds of liquid fills holes in the material, generates more flowing sharpening progress and helps for easy cleaning.

Best Japanese Whetstones Brands Shortlist (Updated List)

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The Best Japanese Whetstones Brands

best japanese whetstone brands


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This Japanese whetstone kit is a valuable way to start our list, being made by one of the most reliable companies in the industry with outstanding quality, shall we have a closer look at these bad boys?

Let’s check out some advantages of this product, the grain itself is made of aluminum oxide with a bamboo base, a double-sided whetstone, one side #6000 and the other side is #1000.

It is just like owning two different stones at once.

This pair of a set is made to be extremely durable and last for the longest period as it can, creating hundreds of blade sharpening.

No concern about which kinds of blades you own, this one can sharpen them efficiently.

It can sharpen various blades like scissors, knives, and razors.

One more thing is the bamboo base, this thing has a traditional look and works finely, there is a silicon coating between the base and the stone for anti-slipping purposes.

The bevels also come in beneficial so that you can sharpen your knife with any angle you desire.


  • Easy to use
  • Comes in a set
  • Premium quality built
  • Can handle every kind of blades
  • Comes with a valuable base
  • Has two different grades to work with
  • Safely designed
  • Durable
  • Non-slippery featured
  • Made of aluminum oxide


  • The bamboo base is prone to mold
  • Inconsistent quality
  • Expensive

Overall, this will be an extremely valuable item for your beloved blades with its high-quality made and creating razor-sharp edges, though the base is prone to mold because of its natural material and the inconsistent quality, they can be easily fixed with a good customer care service.


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This collection is a product that is worth every penny you spent, being made by one of the very best Japanese whetstone brands in the business, excellent quality made, and has various options of grit numbers.

Let’s have a closer look.

Some advantages first, this item is proudly hand-made by true artisans, forged with careful attention by master craftsmen heated and quenched through many laborious steps.

The final result of being a Japanese whetstone that is of the appropriate hardness with enough flexibility for inner structural integrity.

As mentioned, Yoshihiro offers six different options of grit numbers, and a three-piece set, being a product that is made in Japan, this one is too, made to be remarkably long-lasting, and can last for years of blade sharpening.

No matter which kinds of edges you hold, this product can easily handle all of them efficiently.

It can grind multiple blades such as scissors, knives, and razors.

The base on every piece of this collection is made of wood with a sturdiness attached to the bottom to hold 3 pounds of whetstone’s weight and prevents slippery.

The Grindstones itself is much larger than the others, which assists to sharpen more evenly.

Its wideness is measured 2.9 inches across gives more surface area to precisely sharpen longer blades.


  • Hand-made in Japan
  • Easy to set up
  • Have various of grit numbers options
  • Premium quality built
  • Can work with every kind of blades
  • Comes with a wooden base
  • Safely designed
  • Durable yet flexible
  • Non-slippery featured
  • Lightweight


  • Only one month warranty offered
  • Requires a proper technique to master
  • A bit expensive

In short, if money isn’t quite a big deal to you, then this would be an amazing and valuable item for your kitchen with its high-quality made and features.


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The next product comes from Whetstone Cutlery, known as one of the best Japanese whetstone brands.

This item is made of silicon carbide for a smooth sharpening experience and can last in your kitchen for years.

This one is too, can be used to sharpen any kind of blade, from kitchen knives to pocket knives or even chisels blades.

In terms of design, this product has a nice-looking design with two shades of greyish green.

Being a double-sided stone, with grit numbers of #400 and #1000.

Not as high grade as the previous product, but it will please all your needs in the kitchen, this is why the price is much more affordable.

As mentioned, you will need to sink the stone in water for about 10 minutes.

Unfortunately, you will not find the base included when purchasing this product, which means you will need to lay it on a sodden piece of cloth in order for you to prevent it from slipping.

This might take a long preparation time.


  • High-quality built
  • Can work with every kind of blades
  • Safely designed
  • Has two different grades to work with
  • Super affordable
  • Durable
  • Feels great when sharpening
  • Lightweight
  • Valuable product
  • Quickly sharpened


  • Takes time to set up
  • Anti-slippery is not featured
  • Can not be used to polish knives

In short terms, if you are looking for a Japanese whetstone set that is worth every penny you spent and made by one of the most trustworthy companies in the industry, this will be the one you are looking for and you will definitely fall in love with it.


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This Japanese whetstone King is also a double-sided stone, with an included 1000/6000 grit combination, wiping cloth, a stable plastic base, and a knife angle holder for the most reliable sharpening process.

The #1000 grit is meant for regular sharpening and the #6000 is for polishing the blade like a mirror.

The manufacturer made this one with durability and long-lasting as it is built of premium quality material for long-term use of general kitchen knives, steel blades, or pointed carver.

The fact is you can easily cut through any kind of hard meat after sharpening your blades with this one.

As mentioned, the whole set comes with many valuable accessories that are promised to improve your ‘’playing’’ experience, this is unusual to be seen on other sets being sold on the market, many of them only come with stones and stones.

This set comes with a “KING” label, known as one of the best Japanese whetstone brands, promised to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to the customers by providing them friendly customer service and making sure that their purchase is risk-free.


  • Best for starters
  • Non-slippery featured
  • Easy to use
  • Quick set up
  • Comes in a set or just one stone
  • High-quality built
  • Can handle every kind of blades
  • Anti-mold base
  • Has two different grades to work with
  • Safely designed
  • Durable
  • Many valuable accessories included
  • Super affordable
  • Trusted customer service


  • The plastic base does not give a rich look
  • The instructions are written in Japanese
  • Some arrived chipped based on user complains

Overall, this is the best Japanese whetstone set for anyone who desires a sharp and mirrored polished blade at a super affordable price.


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This guy right here is also a double-sided stone, with a pinkish-red #3000 grit, and a white grit that is #8000 grade.

This stone is made of senior white corundum.

Also, it has a black silicon base with non-slippery features.

The stone is placed right inside the silicon base.

It has edges that lock in with the stone so that the stone will not move when in your sharpening process, giving a safer and smoother experience.

One more advantage of this one is the resistance to corrosion and heat, which means you can rely on this product for years.

Like other mentioned products, you can sharpen scissors, knives, and more than that.

Though, there are two blades that this one can not deal with: ceramic knives and serrated blades.


  • Comes with a silicon base
  • Non-slippery featured
  • Easy to use
  • High-quality built
  • Can handle every kind of blades
  • Anti-mold base
  • Has two different grades to work with
  • Simple designed
  • Durable
  • Super affordable
  • Trusted customer service


  • The silicon base does not create a rich looks
  • Takes a long preparation time

How To Choose The Best Japanese Whetstone Brands

japanese whetstone for sale

  • Branding

If you are just a novice in sharpening stones for the very first time or you are an occasional user, getting a product made by a famous brand is the easiest way to go with it, it can save you time, and money, lots of money.

Besides, why would anyone buy a product that has no brand reputation or some say nameless, being a customer of a famous brand means you will be offered a consistency and a reliable rating of grits that you can count on.

  • Size

As mentioned, there are various sizes available, you need to know which size will suit you and your blades the most because not all sizes will cooperate with your blades.

For example, if you are looking for a Japanese whetstone to work with your small knife, using a small stone is not a bad choice. On the other hand, a larger one will be more suitable for large blades.

  • Grit Numbers

There are numerous types of water stones you will find online or anywhere, and many types of water stones have different using techniques. So, you need to select the proper one that you will need for your specific destination.

One more example, if you are looking for something suits for normal sharpening, then you will need those that have grits between #700 and #2000.

For hard sharpening, you will need those that have grits between #120 and #400.

And lastly, stones that have more than #2000 grits will be the best for polishing your blade to have a mirror-finish effect.

  • Skill Require

Despite being meant for easy sharpening, you need to know what is the most suitable one to befriended with.

The more suitable means the easier, which also means safe will be by your side.

That’s why you must be extremely careful about these things before purchasing them.

Besides, if the product cannot be used properly, and you find difficulties then you must avoid using that tool.

  • Price

Each product has a specific price when buying anything, particularly a Japanese whetstone, a must-know thing is what the cost should be because buying anything with an illogical rate is not a very clever way as an adult.

The price will be determined by the character of the whetstone.

The single grit stones will be more budget, the double-sided or multi grit stones will be a bit pricey, for example. They can be quite expensive.

The fact is buying three separate single grit stones will cost much more than a multi-grit stone. So, you may guess, you should buy a multi-grit or a whole collection.

Things That People Also Wonder

best whetstone for japanese knives

1. What Is Japanese Water Stone Made Of?

Basically, a traditional Japanese whetstone has a process of some traditional methods. Depending on the category of the product, their making style is also different.

For example, the natural stones are made of microcrystalline quartz that varies in different colors like pink, white, red, tan, gray, and black.

It is high in silica content.

Meanwhile, the synthetic ones are made of silicon carbide or aluminum oxide, which gives consistency to the stone and makes it flexible.

These are more expensive than Japanese natural whetstone for sale and being used the most.

2. What Is The Best Japanese Whetstone?

best value japanese whetstone

Like mentioned before, there is no best item for a single need, the best product depends on many aspects such as the best Japanese whetstone brands, your sharpening technique, or your budget.

But at the end of the day, the best item is the one that satisfies all your needs, your budget, and your budget, with all that combined, you shall have the most enjoyable sharpening experience.

3. How To Keep Them Clean?

To many professional chefs, cleaning your tools is as important as using it, your sharpener will last longer and can save you lots of fresh cash if being maintained properly.

Cleaning these things is not much of a difficult task to do.

All you need to do is wet the stone well for about 20 minutes firstly.

And then apply a little bit of oil and rub it entirely in a circulation movement.

Doing that, you will see the metal dots that are rising from the holes, then wipe out all the residues with a towel or a piece of cloth.

Lastly, rinse the stone with water and again wipe it out, let it dry, and it’s finished.

4. What Is The Difference Between a Whetstone And Waterstone?

Though because whet sounds wet, many of us catch the word and think that it relates to a stone that is applied with water.

The fact is water stones, oil stones or ceramic stones are all sorts of whetstones.

In short, while all water stones are whetstones, not all whetstones are water stones.


We have been through lots of basic and useful information about Japanese whetstones and its features or characters. No matter what you will go with, you should use it safely and properly. In case you skip all mentioned and scroll directly to the bottom, here are some noticeable products that are classified based on basic character.

If you are looking for a sharpener with premium quality and made by one of the very best Japanese whetstone brands, then the SHARP PEBBLE PREMIUM WHETSTONE KNIFE HARPENING will be a valuable item for you.

In addition, if money is a concerning thing to you yet you still want a product that will satisfy all your needs, then you will love the WHETSTONES CUTLERY STONES-DUAL SIDED with its features and beauty.

Furthermore, use your tools safely and in the right place, truly hope that this writing will help you in choosing the most trustworthy item for your kitchen, and may you find one of the many best Japanese whetstone brands to befriend with.

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