Best Spray Paint For Outdoor Wood Furniture In 2021

Using the best spray paint for outdoor wood furniture is a perfect, quick way to get an even coat of paint on the outdoor wood surfaces without having to worry about brush strokes or cleanups.

A suitable paint will turn a bland area into a vivid and lively, colorful one in seconds.

Not all spray paint, though, are for outdoor works coloring.

It is important to know how to choose the right one and how paint can be sprayed before you get started.

We also looked for the best available brands of outdoor spray paint and below we will list out available and go further with each of the main features.

We would like to make your shopping smooth, so we have checked and

Let’s take a look at our top picks.

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What Do You Need To Know To Have The Best Pick Of Spray Paint For Your Outdoor Wood Furniture?

Spray Paint For Outdoor Wood Table

How To Spray?

It is very easy to paint a board by spraying.

What you need to do is make you make a minimal amount of planning, preparing, patience, and following the cautions to get it done right.

1. Prepare your working space

A spray can be conveniently managed, but mistakes can also occur sometimes.

Make sure that you lay several covers to spare yourself from any later headaches and uncomfortability.

Cover the floor, wall and everything you think is in the spread of color by old sheets or newspapers that you are not using anymore.

Nonetheless, be generous with how much cover you use. It may be left exposed to a painting misfortune after all.

Best Spray Paint For Outdoor Wood Chairs

2. Sand the item

Take some sandpaper and go over the surfaces.

Of course, you will not get rid of all the defects, so just try to get the surface even as much as possible.

What Is The Best Spray Paint For Outdoor Wood Furniture

3. Apply the primer

You have to spread it yourself if you do not use one of the paints which have already blended with a primer.

Experts suggest two coats of primer for wooden furniture and make sure that the primers are consistent with the color you choose.

Can You Spray Paint Outdoor Wooden Chairs

4. Check how to spray should be applied

Checking the spray bottle on a woodblock for seconds.

This will give you a deeper picture of the type of coverage it delivers.

5. Paint carefully and mind the times

Start spraying but do not overboard the amount you use instantly.

Be methodical in avoiding errors with your approach.

You can still finish in a reasonable period of time by coloring this way.

If additional coats are required, do not forget to let the first layer dry completely.

Spray Paint For Outdoor Wood Furniture

(Credit: WikiHow)

Tips for the perfect finish of best spray paint for outdoor wood furniture:

    • Hardware removal:

First, it is necessary that all hardware is removed from the wood furnishings.

This means that you have to screw off all the furniture pieces.

Remove drawers, knobs, handles, and everything related to the wood mobilization.

You should reassemble all of them until they are fully dry.

    • Sanding:

A smooth surface makes the spraying process simpler and lasts a long time.

So all the rough textures must be sanded with sandpaper.

It is possible to take hard sandpaper and start the process.

You can complete it with smooth sandpaper after one or two coats and then your furniture is all set for the next steps.

    • Clean the sawdust:

Sanding will help you to achieve the greatest results after spraying.

However, once being sanded, a lot of sawdust can be stored on the surfaces.

You must clean it using a soft cotton towel.

Make sure the entire room is washed alongside that, so after the coloring, the dust from its surrounding will rest well.

For better cleaning and painting experience, you can use the vacuum cleaner.

    • Cover your surroundings:

Once you spray the paint from the bottle, any object or other furnishings close to you will be put on the tiny particles falling from it.

Therefore, spraying paint outside is still a safer idea.

At the same time, you can also pay attention to cover every item next to your project.

Even the floor should be covered with newspapers.

Spray Paint For Exterior Wood Furniture

    • Primer before painting:

Before you start, you have to use a primer and wooden furniture requires a minimum of two primer coats.

You can use the spray primer first and then let it dry before adding the second coat.

Before applying the color lacquer, let that second foundation dry well.

When you add a proper primer, you will achieve a more brilliant finish.

The primer you pick should be consistent with the spray paint you use.

    • Practice and test:

Whether you do it for the first time or have done it for a long time, it is important to practice with your spray bottle on a waste piece to understand how the spray cap functions.

Best Spray Paint For Outdoor Wood Furniture

Best Spray Paint For Outdoor Wood Furniture Shortlist (Updated List)

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*Please notice that the reviews and ratings of the following products were recorded on the writing date by the editor. Ratings can be changed over time.

Best Spray Paint For Outdoor Wood Furniture – Choose Your Right One

Best Spray Paint For Exterior Wood Furniture


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Key features:

  • Ideal for both exterior and interior and various surfaces
  • Formula: Oil based
  • Low odor, resist chips and provides long-lasting protection
  • Fast drying time
  • Coverage: 12 sq. ft. per can
  • The durable formula provides excellent hide and goes on smoothly
  • Various options for the finish: matte, satin, gloss

Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 2X Ultra Cover is outstanding off the charts which provides a durable finish, ideal for both outdoor and indoor furnishings and accessories.

Better still, this paint saves time because this two-in-one item skips the primer step.

You can even consider it is a three-in-one because it has a primer and paint and a great topcoat to eliminate the need for a density sealant.

The best way to get perfectly finished with spray paint is to make two light coats that move your hand back and forth quickly and guarantee that the paint will not be executed.

You will get a very light coat if you spray the can at least 10 to 12 inches out of the piece.

Resist the urge to paint the piece in one coat completely, because that is the time the pigment will run.

Rust-Oleum promises that you will get a flawless finish if you do two of these lightweights, sprays back and forth quicker.

At least 1 hour before lightly spraying on another coat, it is important to let each coat dry.

One drawback of this product is that it requires sanding.

Before application on your outdoor or indoor works, you have to sand the board down with a 180 to 200-grain sandpaper to ensure the best finish.


  • Fast drying time
  • Cheap price
  • Can be used on multi surfaces
  • Available in several colors
  • Easy application, easy cleanup
  • Excellent durability


  • The dust may be blocked at certain temperatures
  • Sanding required before application


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Key features:

  • Can be used on plastic, wood, metal surfaces, and more
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor projects
  • Dries in 10 minutes or less
  • Covermax technology enhances durability for premium coverage and brilliant color
  • Finish: Flat, gloss, semi-gloss, satin, and primer finishes
  • EZ Touch Conical Tip is designed for maximum control of a comfortable spray. Over spraying is not a worry anymore.

The solution for those who work on the budget and are able to refurbish their wooden furniture is this Krylon Colormaster Paint And Primer.

The ability to withstand moisture is what makes this formula the perfect product for outdoor wood, which means that this is the perfect spray paint for wet areas.

This formula consists of a primer which makes working with a wooden surface that needs to be primed easier.

In just under 10 minutes, Krylon Colormaster Paint And Primer dries quicker and makes a brief second coat.

It is a little bit lighter, which is perfect for people who enjoy the glossy finish.

It is available in a range of shades, ranging from smoke gray, sun yellow, watermelon to rich plum, providing the right mix for each painting job and individual’s taste.

Not all that, this product provides the long-lasting Covermax technology for a premium color on your board.


  • It is water-resistant
  • Works well for both interior and exterior, especially wet areas
  • Several strong finishes featured Covermax technology
  • Has a primer tagged along
  • Dries very fast
  • EZ Touch 360 Dial spray tip delivers precise application and less overspray


  • It may be very glossy
  • Easy to scratch off without sanding


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Key features:

  • Provide a premium and artist quality acrylic paint for use on most surfaces
  • Finish: Satin
  • Can be used for indoor and outdoor projects
  • Dry to high pigmentation and consistent color
  • Can be cleaned up easily while wet with soap and water
  • Formula: Water-based
  • Nontoxic materials

If you are working on a budget, FolkArt Multi-Surface Acrylic Craft Paint is the best spray paint for outdoor wood furniture.

It is a set of 12 sprays each with beautiful and vibrant colors.

This gives your painting project a lot of flexibility.

It is a premium formula that is capable of covering nearly all surfaces, including wood, fabrics, metal, ceramics, and textiles.

This item can also be used and work well for outdoor projects.

Regardless of your task, FolkArt will serve you well, whether it refills the look of the old painted wood or art projects.

One big advantage is its nontoxic formula, keeping your family and pets safe following your application.

Moreover, FolkArt Acrylic Paints with an extended color palette delivers a rich, creamy quality for extraordinary blending and shading.


  • Variety options of colors
  • Works well on both interior and exterior projects
  • Nontoxic product
  • Pocket-friendly size


  • Not fast drying
  • Hard to get streak-free coverage with one coat.


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Key features:

  • Works on virtually any surface
  • Formula: Oil based
  • Excellent adhesion prevents rust, resists fading and chipping for a long-lasting finish
  • Fast-drying formula: Dry to touch in 30 minutes
  • Coverage: Up to 12 sq. ft. per can
  • Prevents corrosion for enhanced durability
  • Provides an attractive, rich, shimmering metallic look on surfaces

It is a struggle to get a shiny finish to apply to a piece of wood, but it is not impossible.

The Rust-Oleum Universal All Surface Spray Paint can help you.

Personally, we normally do not prioritize a shiny finish, but I know some people like it.

The amount of shine that you eventually get depends on which hue you choose.

It is all pretty shiny, some others are even more pronounced.

The fact that this paint is oil based, is the understandable reason why it leaves shiny.

That is not the only plus. Oil based paints also tend to be cleaner and add to longevity.

In terms of durability, the manufacturer seems to be very proud of its damage-resistant properties and how this paint withstands corrosion.

However, based on real reviews, the durability is appropriated but obviously not its greatest strength.

The lacquer would not come off instantly.

However, a few weeks after the application, it has some difficulties staying in the same form.

Your furniture will look much better, but after a while, there is a distinct drop-off in quality.

This product will suit you if you are prepared to touch durability with a little more shine.


  • Strong weather and condition damage resistant power
  • UV and fading resistant
  • Protect from rust and corrosion
  • As soon as it dries, the color comes up
  • The finish is a velvety smooth
  • Protection clip included avoiding overspray


  • The durability is decent, but retouching is required sooner than later.


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Key features:

  • High-quality rust protection product
  • Can be applied for interior and exterior furnishings
  • Dries to a durable and scrubbable finish
  • Resistant to moisture, stains, chemicals, and abrasion
  • Superior, fast-drying coverage

Valspar Anti Rust Amor Spray is another multifunctional spray on the list of the best spray paint for wood furniture and is a natural match of top-class paint and technical advantages.

You can select a wide range of colors as well as various finishes, including shiny, flat, and satin.

Sometimes, people who use this product also complain of numbness due to extreme pressure.

Valspar handles this with an increased finger pad, which aims to minimize efforts by up to 33%.

The unintentional pulverization is another common problem of Valspar.

There is a twist-lock cap for you to make sure that you do not spray the wrong surface while still can spray from any angle you want.

The best feature of the item is its high protective power.

It is scratch, moisture, and rust-resistant.

Its drying time is also significant.

In the end, you will get a tough, lasting finish that will not diminish nor turn yellow as the years pass.

Do not forget to cover the surface areas to protect them from any paint broom.

Also, ensure that you operate in a well-ventilated environment at a temperature of 18 to 32 Celsius degree.

Keep the bottle 8 to 10 inches from the surface for the best results, after shaking it for about a minute.


  • Good protection features
  • Do not wear away easily
  • Some colors offer the UV resistance
  • Can be used on multi surfaces


  • The paint may not be brushed nickel
  • Hard to remove the cap

What To Look At When Buying The Best Spray Paint For Outdoor Wood Furniture

Rustoleum Spray Paint For Outdoor Wood Furniture

The next thing you have to look for is to pick the right one according to your purposes and budget, after getting a list of the best spray paint on the market.

However, budget and purposes are not the only two considerations to help you choose the correct type with the finest quality.

We will discuss the short guide for buyers containing the points which play a major role in your choice.

  • Brand popularity:

When buying a color for your project, the first thing that is critical is the value of that brand.

You can be assured that you achieve the highest possible results in class and higher than other paints on the market by picking a reliable mark for yourself.

Although the branded items could look a little pricey, you can certainly see a great value for money by comparing the reliable and finishing results of these branded spray paint counterparts.

So, we would suggest you buy branded and famous products.

If you want to try new items, spend some time to read comments and reviews before deciding.

  • Formula:

For spray paint, oil based ones are more preferable.

Oil paints have certain features that make them useful on wood.

For one, the finish is smooth.

Whatever how long you sand a piece, some rough spots always appear.

When you are using oil based type, you can mask these unsightly stains better.

It is also particularly beneficial to avoid dirt and debris.

Can You Spray Paint Outdoor Wood Furniture

  • Usability:

The usability and longevity of the paint are both crucial aspects you should remember.

Be sure that the one you plan to purchase is spread quickly and is more durable than other common buyers’ options.

By doing so, helps you to purchase a great product that is easy to use and has improved furniture efficiency.

  • Finish:

The finish is another matter to look at.

Pick for yourself the best color style glossy, matte, chalky, etc.).

You can be confident of the right paint that you have the highest and longest finish you have expected for your work.

  • Paint’s shelf life:

While it depends completely on the use and efficiency of the way you apply, make sure you still pick the paint for a better life so as to ensure the maximum possible efficiency and appearance that will not fade even after years.

By looking at these above points, you can easily be confident that you have the most effective and powerful spray layer that offers a better finish than the other picked layers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Choosing The Best Spray Paint For Outdoor Wood Furniture

How To Spray Paint Outdoor Wooden Chairs

1. How To Spray Paint Outdoor Wooden Chairs?

Basically, the above guidelines we provided can be used for various types of furniture, as well as outdoor wood chairs.

Just remember to sand before application, always apply primer first, and then two or three light coats of paint are enough.

Spray steadily in the back and forth motion, slightly overlap the strokes.

2. Can Empty Spray Paint Bottle Be Thrown Directly In The Garbage?

No, please do not do that.

Spray paint is known to be a hazardous waste.

Therefore, while it is technically empty, it still retains the residual.

Please take it to the appropriate specialty disposal facility.

3. How Long Does The Primer Dry Before Painting Can Be Applied?

How To Spray Paint Outdoor Wood Furniture

Each paint brand can vary with the amount of time to allow the primers to dry before spraying.

It is recommended when the primer dry entirely.

If the required thin layer is used, it should dry in an hour, but read the can label to ensure it is.

In hot and rainy weather, drying time can take longer.

4. How Can I Seal The Spray Pigment?

Depending on the sheen you want, you should add a clear coating on the sprayed layer after the piece is fully dry.

You do not have to seal it if you choose high gloss and semi-gloss.

However, you should seal with a water-based sealer if you need a lower sheen.

The sealants are also available in a spray formula.

Many brands may note on the label how sealers can be applied and even sold to some formulation of their paints.

5. Why Did My Finish Crunch Or Wrinkle When I Recoated?

The typical common reason is applying paint so thickly, renders the surface dry too fast and not reach the underside.

The solvents in the paint shrink while you are coating again, and it creates discoloration.

Another reason is whether the object is incompatible with the paint and contains wax or residues.

To fix this, add only light even coats, and recoat every few minutes.

However, to get the best result, check the instruction label carefully.


Until now, you understand more about wood spray paint and how to use it efficiently.

You already know what considerations needed to remember any time you shop.

We want to emphasize that you do not need to focus too much on the hearsays.

Conduct some researches to ensure your decisions are correct to discourage incidents such as time-consuming investment on incorrect goods and much more.

To sum up, overall, we would pick the RUST-OLEUM PAINTER’S TOUCH 2X ULTRA COVER  as our best of the list for outdoor furniture. The coverage is two times faster of application and protection.

This product gives an outstanding finish with a sleek and robust over other general-purpose brands. It also fits well on different surfaces in a wide range of fashionable colors.

 We have included a complete review of what is the best spray paint for outdoor wood furniture. Please note that each product would accurately serve you the best only when you choose the ones that suit your purposes. Enjoy your shopping! 

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