Best Zafu and Zabuton Set for Your House in 2021

If you are interested in meditation and want to improve your experience to a higher level, you will find the Zafu and Zabuton Set extremely useful.

If you are tired to exercise sitting meditation vertical on a floor (usually a wood floor), you would probably soon feel your knees seize up, your legs would have pins and needles, and the strain of trying to keep your spine straight would pain you uncomfortably, not that peace you want to, isn’t it?

Sitting on a zafu meditation cushion will support your spine, giving you a significant meditation.

Having the most suitable meditation set will reduce pain, align the spine more naturally, and help you relax in mindfulness without constantly imagining about your aching back.

In order to assist you in finding the best product for yourself, here is a zafu and zabuton review with a list of noticeable items and buying guides based on independent research.

Shall we take a quick look at some highly recommended of the most reliable meditation set based on Amazon purchased verified reviews (recommendation)

The Top-Rated Zafu and Zabuton Set (Recommendation)








Zafu and Zabuton Set Useful Information

zafu yoga cushion

Zafu meditation cushion set is by far the two most common traditional styles of meditation cushions. These two cushions offer their unique position and provide different aspects of goods for the user.

1. Zafu Meditation Cushion Definition

Zafu Meditation Cushion is a pillow-like cushion, intended to aid comfort, spinal alignment, and adequate position while meditating.

These cushions usually involve natural materials, have adjustable heights, and usually come in a square or round shape.

The main benefit of a cushioned kit is to deliver a comfortable long period of practice.

A good and supportive zafu meditation cushion assists in ensuring proper blood flow to your legs, preventing pins and needles, or aches during long periods of sitting.

2. Zafu Yoga Cushion

japanese zabuton cushion

The zafu yoga cushion is typically a round, elevated pillow.

These are regularly recognized as pillow-shaped cushions that lift your pelvis off the ground during meditation.

These are typically used on top of the zabuton meditation mat or a yoga mat.

These small round-shaped cushions help elevate a meditator off the floor.

This helps those who are struggling in sitting on the floor due to lower back, hip or knee stiffness, and pain.

3. Zabuton Meditation Mat

zabuton floor cushion

Zabuton meditation mat is basically a flatter and a larger type of cushion.

These are not typically as elevated as Zafus and are more a zabuton mat like support.

They provide comfortable and stable support for meditation.

Zabuton meditation mattress is usually used with a zabuton pillow (or also known as a zafu yoga cushion) for extra assistance and comfort.

This helps increase relaxation from resting on a floor for a long time, allowing more immeasurable focus on meditation.

4. Ability to Clean

zabuton pillow

To keep your kit looking nice and neat, check to see if it can be cleaned.

Some designs don’t allow you to remove the cover, which will make cleaning it a bit annoying.

If you want to help keep them looking nice and free from being dirty, a machine-washable cushioned yoga set is ideal for your needs.

If not, you’ll have to stick to spot-cleaning.

The Best Zafu and Zabuton Set Shortlist (Updated List)

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*Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and can be changed

The Best Zafu and Zabuton Set

zafu and zabuton meditation cushion set


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Say ‘namaste’ to one of the very greatest zafu meditation kits ever being sold.

Handcrafted directly in the USA by a company that has been making this for 33 years.

This item is the most reliable zafu yoga cushion set. Also, this meditation kit is a beast to its competitors.

The zafu yoga pillow provides the most suitable seating height and guides for the precise alignment of your spine and hips.

Created to stimulate a zen-like surrounding and encourage comfortability in a multitude of positions.

Sounds exciting, isn’t it? It’s not all yet!

This product is built to give you both comfortable and durable thanks to a hand-tufted pillow, with no toxic chemicals, made from organic cotton zabuton cushion with a 3 inches thick platform, filled with cotton batting, insulating you from the rock-hard floor, promising to endure your physique and reduce stress on the knees, hips and lower back.

The design of this meditation cushion set is just outstanding, you will have lots of choice in color for this meditation kit, each has its own character and will be a valuable item for your home.

Have you ever bothered by zafu cleaning?

Not anymore, this product is designed with removable covers, which gives you the ability to remove, replace, or add more inner core, it also makes it more comfortable to clean this thing.


  • Made of hemp fabric and cotton
  • Hand-tufted in the US
  • Premium Quality
  • The size and shape give extraordinary relaxation and enjoyment
  • Many colors options
  • Perfectly warrantied by creators
  • Excellent durability
  • Sturdy yet comfortable
  • Famous manufacturer
  • Removable zabuton cushion covers make it easy to clean


  • Very expensive
  • The color does not match according to the customers
  • These cushions are a bit lower than others

In short, despite the price, if you are looking to have the very best product, made of organic materials in premium quality, this item will take you on a peaceful and focused meditative journey.


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In terms of quality, this is one of the best zafu and zabuton set for your meditation experience.

This square-shaped item is made of coconut free fibers, this material is breathable, good elasticity, strong support degree, prevent it from collapsing and deformation, and covered by a high-quality linen pillow cover.

The material of this yoga cushion set is gathered sustainably so that the trees may flourish and grow coconuts all year round.

Such a good job of caring for the environment and our planet Earth.

This set can provide the most beneficial seating height and assistance for proper alignment of the spine and hips, while reducing the stress on your knees, ankles, hips, and lower back.

Using this set empowers a more pleasant and effective sitting meditation that can move deeper and last longer.

You will find four options of color for this meditation set promising to deliver a rich look and easy to be cleaned.

This product is also foldable, making it easy to be stored when you are not using it.

More free space is better right?

Hold on, there’s one more thing that will surprise you.

This item is too, designed with a zipper on the side, so you can easily remove or replace the inner core, making it more convenient to clean this item.


  • The size and shape give exceptional relief and comfort
  • The zipper makes it easy for cleaning and replacing
  • Comes with carrying bag
  • Removable linen zafu cushion cover
  • Foldable
  • Multiple colors options
  • Sturdy coconut fiber core
  • Environment-friendly material
  • Excellent Quality


  • Firmness issue based on users reviews
  • No replacement zafu cover

In short terms, this product deserves to be the best pillow kit you’ll probably find.


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This cotton round-shaped zafu pillow is made to be the perfect extension to any zabuton mattress or meditation spot.

This guy is designed with a beautiful lotus flower embroidered in the center and comes in two colors (black and purple).

The circular design gives the greatest comfort for the users to sit on for meditation.

This item is made to be soft yet sturdy, with a heavy cotton twill cover to provide better protection.

The cushion is stuffed with 100% natural cotton and designed to ensure a comfortable seat for all types of users.

The creator of this pillow also gives this guy a zipper neatly hidden between pleats, making it easier for the users to add, remove, or replace the inside cotton.

This feature is not common to be seen on other pillows kit. Impressive, isn’t it?


  • The size and shape give exceptional relief and comfort
  • The zipper makes it easy for cleaning and replacing
  • Excellent design
  • Sturdy sensation
  • High-quality zafu cover
  • Comes with many colors


  • Made in China
  • Firmness issue based on users reviews

Overall, despite being made in China, the quality and price make it deserve to be a valuable zafu yoga pillow.


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If you are looking for a budget meditation cushion set with various options of colors and prices, these Japanese zabuton floor cushions and Japanese zabuton cushion will satisfy all your needs with its impressive features.

This pillow collection is filled with new, untreated kapok, a plant fiber extracted from the fruits of a tropical tree.

Delivers a firm yet comfy padding that is both comfortable and supportive.

Ideal for your meditating for a long period of time.

In terms of design, the cover of this product has a traditional Thai zafu cushion pattern, as same as the zabuton seat covers.

You can easily roll it up like a yoga mat for storage, and also, this product has a carrying strap, you can comfortably take it to anywhere you want.

Not being the best pillow set, meaning this assemblage does come with a few disadvantages.

One is you can not clean the zafu meditation pillow and zabuton seat properly because the zafu cover and the zabuton cover is unfortunately unremovable.

And one more disadvantage thing of this meditation cushion set is its core, according to the users, this product does not perform as well as expected but you can still the pleasant sensation and relaxing enjoyment during practicing.

However, this is understandable because this is made to be a budget cushion collection.


  • Affordable price
  • Comes with various choices of colors
  • Rollable design
  • Firm enough without being hard
  • Environment-friendly material
  • Fine quality
  • Traditional Thai pattern


  • Unremovable cover
  • Dry clean only
  • Delivery issues based on purchased users compliment


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If you are looking for a large rectangular zabuton floor pillow for your zafu yoga cushion to improve your meditation practice to the next level and assist in aligning your spine, knees, and adequate position while meditating.

This zabuton pillow is what you are looking for, let me show you why!

This zabuton mat excels in providing the ultimate support and comfort for longer meditation sessions.

The large rectangular design of this zabuton meditation mat offers pressure relief for your knees when sitting on a zafu yoga pillow for a long time.

Another design mentioning, you will find various color options for this Japanese zabuton cushion, featuring its signature lotus embroidery and bright color-fast fabric, this zabuton pillow will look fabulous in a yoga room, meditation area, or any corner of your living room.

The creators of this zabuton mat also use a sturdy cotton twill and reinforced stitching for the cover of this product and the inner cushion is 100% cotton, promising to deliver delicate comfort.

Besides, the zabuton cushion covers are easily removable and machine launderable.


  • Excellent Quality
  • The size and shape give extraordinary comfort
  • Easy to clean
  • Removable covers
  • Multiple colors options
  • Sturdy sensation
  • Machine washable
  • Perfectly warrantied by creators
  • Made from eco-conscious materials


  • Very expensive

Overall, this is an extraordinary zabuton mattress that will satisfy all your needs even though the price of this item is a little bit high compared to other items on the market, if money is not a big deal to you, this is a valuable zabuton mattress for your meditating experience.


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Despite the cost, this collection is by far one of the best zafu and zabuton set you will ever find.

This meditation cushion set is built to be a very long-lasting product.

The inner fabric of this thing gives it softness and is comfortable yet strong.

Promising to support both your spine and knees, give you the most relaxed journey.

Being one of the best cushions set for sale, obviously, this thing has an excellent look, though you only have one color option.

In addition, they included a zipper and removable cover for this assemblage, which makes the cleaning process more comfortable as mentioned.


  • Premium quality
  • The size and shape give excellent relaxation and enjoyment
  • Removable covers make it easy to clean
  • Superior durableness
  • Strong yet relaxed material
  • Comes with a carrying strap
  • Machine washable
  • Perfectly warrantied by creators


  • Heavy-weight
  • Very expensive
  • Only one color option

Overall, if money or coloring is not a big deal to you, this premium collection is going to be the best product that will help to align your spine and support your body at the greatest commitment.

How To Choose The Best Zafu and Zabuton Set

zafu and zabuton set

The truth is, when you sit still and take the time to rest your body for a long period of time, you will probably start to feel uncomfortable.

Additionally, sitting for a while in the same position will likely make you impatient, this is why you need a cushioned set that fits all your needs.

  • Define All Your Needs

First thing first, you must know what type of meditation you are into.

Some products are a better fit for some particular types of meditation positions than they are for others.

Some meditations are done exclusively while sitting, so a different kind of cushion set is needed.

japanese zabuton floor cushion

  • Design

As mentioned, the meditation cushion set comes in a variety of sizes and colors, choosing the right one and it will perfect your living space.

Consider the color options as well as the zabuton cushion pattern or available design options.

You will want your meditation ‘’chamber’’ to be artistic, peaceful, and relaxed

japanese zabuton pillows

  • Study Your Spine

Being capable to rest pleasantly on a meditation cushion set for a long period depends on your ability to maintain your natural curves with your spine.

The spine is intended to be able to support itself freely when its curves are in a natural position.

The zafu yoga cushion comes in a variety of shapes, like circular or crescent shape.

All of these styles are intended to help provide relaxation and comfort.

A circular zafu yoga pillow is good for bottom support, while a crescent-shaped one is excellent for back support.

zafu and zabuton set review

  • Material

Since there are so many materials that have been used in making these cushion sets, each has its specific benefit and sensation.

Notice that some businesses use eco-friendly material, some do not.

You will need to make sure that the material the meditation cushion set is made of is soft, yet durable.

It needs to be comfortable underneath your body, yet strong and sturdy for basic use.

zafu zabuton meditation cushion set

  • Price

In some terms, the price does not necessarily mean the highest quality.

The cushion collections mentioned are the absolute most reliable of all experiences.

Some are made to be the most reliable yoga cushion set with the best sensation delivering and premium quality, some are made to be affordable.

But the most trustworthy yoga cushion set for you is the one that pleases all your needs and frees your mind.

Things People Also Wonder About The Best Zafu and Zabuton Set

1. How to clean your cushion properly?

Each zabuton floor pillow and zafu meditation cushion has a different design and each requires a specific way to clean it, some offer the ability to remove the cover, which makes them easier while cleaning.

2. How to eliminate the odor?

Relying your body on a cushioned yoga set for a long meditating time may cause a slight odor, the smell will fade itself over time.

If you have a removable zafu cushion cover, you can wash it to eliminate the odor.

If not, you can hang it outside for a day or air dry it, this should be a helpful way for your cushion set to be freshly usable.

3. Can It Be Used for Other Activities?

zabuton cushion

Yes, you can. These yoga cushions set can deliver a comfortable and relaxed sensation. Moreover, you can use your zafu meditation cushion while drawing, reading, watching shows, or even when dining at a low table.

4. The Origin of Meditation Cushion Set

zabuton meditation cushion

This kind of meditation cushion set has been used in Japanese culture for quite a long time.

These cushions and zabuton mat collections were designed to be a pleasant place to sit and rest on the floor while meditating.


Depending on your requirement, choosing the right one at the right time will help you the most in getting an excellent zafu cushion set just for you.

Let’s take a quick zafu and zabuton set review in case you skip all mentioned noticeable things and scroll straight down here.

If you are looking for a premium set, hand-tufted in the US with eco-friendly material, and have a variety of color options, the BEAN PRODUCTS CUSHION SET will be the one.

On the other hand, the LEEWADEE CUSHION SET  will satisfy you the most if you are attending to get a budget set yet high quality, made of environment-friendly material, and has a Thai looking zabuton cushion pattern.

Hopefully that this document will assist you in getting yourself the best zafu and zabuton set for your meditating journey.

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