Why Japanese Use Transparent Umbrella?

Have you ever wondered why Japanese use transparent umbrella so much? Rainy days may be so much wet, which is not a nice sight if you are not ready.

Having a good umbrella with you, on the other hand, may make rainy and pouring days a lot more fun.


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Why People Use Clear Umbrellas In Japan?

The best part is that you can protect yourself while still seeing other people via the clear fabric.

Clear umbrellas are available in many colors and designs that do not look like normal ones. As a result, they are very stylish because they give you a different look anytime you walk down the street.

When walking through a crowded place in Japan, it is easy to see people using this type.

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The benefit of having a clear cover in these cases is that you will not run into people.

You will have a clear view of what is going on around you. As a result, you do not need to lift your item higher over your head in order to see around.

When you are stuck in the middle of a dark rainy day, it will almost certainly make you feel better.

The lovely views they present can help you forget about the rain in the middle of the day. When looking for the ideal product, think about all of the other features that will provide you with the most protection, durability, and comfort.

Moreover, it is very cheap. You can find one at any store at only ¥100. It is cheaper than the ones with woven material.

why do japanese use clear umbrellas

Why Japanese Use Transparent Umbrella? (Source: Reddit)

One of the key reasons why the Japanese use a transparent umbrellas is that they are durable and will not need to be replaced too often.

Moreover, you will surely find getting it as part of their fashion ideal, with a variety of clear prints to choose from.

Some of them have cute and perfect prints. Other designs even feature red kisses or flowers as a design.

Rainy Days Manner In Japan

transparent dome shaped umbrella

The most important you should keep in mind is: Be aware of others! Allow enough space when opening and folding to avoid hurting someone by accident.

If you are taking the train, make sure it is not in the way. Hook it over a handrail that you are standing or sitting next to, or hang it from a rack over your head.

Bringing a wet one into your workplace is not good as well. You can not avoid bringing it onto a train, but when going to a store or restaurant, put your item on a stand or rack outside.

Some even have locks to prevent theft and other people accidentally take your cover for their own.

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Why Japanese Use Transparent Umbrella? (Source: Insight into Japan’s beauty)

If you still worry, wrap it so it does not drip all over the place.

Many stores have a machine that provides plastic bags that you can use to cover your umbrellas. Simply place it in the machine, and it will be wrapped for you instantly.

However, because these machines are for long items, they may not fit the small ones as well. Simply take a plastic bag from the machine and wrap it yourself.

Many people likely carry their umbrellas since it is rooted in their culture.

What may appear hard to some may be more convenient and comfortable for the locals, who would prefer staying dry, although with one less freehand, than getting wet in the rain.

Some believe that Japan’s high humidity adds to the popular use of transparent umbrellas. When it is humid and rainy, clothes take longer to dry, and air-drying them indoors can result in a bad smell. No one enjoys being wet and sticky from rain and humidity, especially when the rainy season meets the start of summer.

Watch this video for more information:

Tips To Choose Japanese Umbrellas

To pick the best one for you, consider how and where you will use it, as well as the size and strength. The quality of the shade, handle, and frames are all things to keep in mind when picking your ideal umbrella.

They must be carefully tested in order for you to pick the most useful of them all. Once you have got these qualities in place, you will ensure that the transparent umbrella you are buying has good quality and is safe no matter how much you use it.

The main part of a good product is that it should be able to handle strong winds.  Finding one with sturdy frames is the only way to ensure that this is possible. Fiberglass is the best material to consider for this reason.

transparent umbrella japan

Folding transparent umbrellas (Source: hfumbrella)

1 – Type

The classic umbrella is a standard one with a metal shaft and a polyester shade that can be used every day. It is not the biggest or most durable, but it will be enough to keep you dry in wet weather.

Second, if the weather in your place changes usually, the folding product is quite useful and you can take it around in a handbag.

Finally, if you live in a city where heavy rain and strong winds are usual, you might consider spending in a storm umbrella with a double layer. This will prevent it from blowing away during bad weather.

It also has a bigger one to cover more than 1 person.

Aside from the factors we mentioned in this list, the ideal Japanese umbrella for you is chosen by your unique style and preference.

There are a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, as well as different designs to suit your own taste.

A classic one with a dark hue canopy and a wooden handle, for example, is ideal if you prefer the business style.

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2 – Size

It should be the right size for your daily activities. If you take public transportation often, a small and compact one may be the ideal option.

3 – Durability

The shade’s strength is also an important factor in deciding its overall quality.

Generally, we think heavier and larger items are more durable than lightweight ones. However, this is not always the case.

why clear umbrellas in japan

Why Japanese Use Transparent Umbrella: Frequently Asked Questions

1 – Why Do Japanese Use Umbrellas?

People use umbrellas not just to keep dry, but also to keep out of the sun.

People walking around with a clear cover that keeps them dry everywhere they go are popular on especially rainy days. It would be a good idea to bring a dark one if you have sensitive skin or are prone to sunburns.

2 – What Is Aiaigasa?

Aiaigasa is one of the most conquering gestures in Japan.

It is simply to act of sharing an umbrella with someone who forgets to bring one. When returning from school or work, this is quite usual.

3 – How Much Is An Umbrella In Japan?

clear dome umbrella

The cheapest ones start at around 100 Yen, while the average costs around 500 Yen.

In addition to normal items, which are not easy to break, there are handmade products with 16, 24, or 32 spokes. This is different from the standard Western 6 or 8, and which are very popular for their design and strength.

4 – Is Sharing An Umbrella Romantic?

Yes, it is. In many Asian cultures, sharing an umbrella as a couple is considered a romantic case. Teenagers usually draw an umbrella with their name and the name of their crush, as if it were a heart.

You can see a boy and a girl walk under an umbrella together in many films.

5 – Is There A Difference Between A Parasol And An Umbrella?

An umbrella’s handle is usually curved to make it easier to grab and store.

On the other hand (from the Latin para “shelter or shield” and sol “sun”), people made parasols of finer fabrics including lace, cotton, silk, linen, canvas, and plastic.


Clear umbrellas are worth a try because of their unique design and easy to use.

If you like Japanese culture, you should add this item to your collection to use on a daily basis or just to décor your home.

There is also a fact that walking culture in Japan encourages people to carry an umbrella because the humidity levels are far too high during the rainy season.

Aside from covering you from the wet weather, its special appearance is also a reason why Japanese use transparent umbrella. In conclusion, these reasons are what makes they are so popular.

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